Crown The Empire - '07102010' Exclusive Vinyl LP

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As Crown The Empire begin their second decade as a band (!), it's time to celebrate their first 10 years!

Marking the anniversary of their first ever show, this super-special exclusive vinyl features acoustic versions of songs from their career so far, plus a new bonus track titled 'Everything Breaks'!

This exclusive clear splatter variant is only available right here at Rock Sound, and only 300 exist!

The tracklisting looks like this...

01. Aftermath (acoustic)
02. Cross Our Bones (acoustic)
03. Blurry (Out Of Place) (acoustic)
04. Hologram (acoustic)
05. Memories Of A Broken Heart (acoustic)
06. Johnny Ringo (acoustic)
07. Voices (acoustic)
08. What I Am (acoustic)
09. Second Thoughts (acoustic)
10. Mzry (acoustic)
11. Everything Breaks (bonus track)

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