Rock Sound Issue 295.1 - L.S. Dunes Poster Pack

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World, meet L.S. Dunes.

As they prepare to unleash a debut album that's been in the making for literal decades, it's time to meet five friends - Anthony Green, Frank Iero, Tucker Rule, Travis Stever and Tim Payne.

Here, across 20+ pages, two magazine covers and a brand new, exclusive photoshoot, they tell the story of how your new favourite band came to be, and just as importantly, explain why it feels so good.

To mark their cover, we've teamed up with the band to put together this pack, which includes giant double-sided poster and deluxe photo lookbook.
Available for delivery worldwide!


- L.S. Dunes magazine
- Deluxe photo lookbook
- Giant A1 double-sided poster

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