Rock Sound Issue 304 - Sum 41 Cover with 'Heaven :x: Hell' Exclusive LP

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Sum 41 Are Rock Sound 25 Icons

After more than two decades, Sum 41 are ready to take their final bow with their double album ‘Heaven : x : Hell’. Accepting their much-deserved Rock Sound 25 Icon Award, frontman Deryck Whibley reflects on their journey from high school hitmakers to world-conquering rock statesmen.

And, in a world-first, this bundle of Rock Sound includes the exclusive new album tri-stripes vinyl 'Heaven : x : Hell'. 

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Please note this copy does not contain a digital album nor exclusive digital bonus content.

This bundle include a preorder item which will be delivered from March 29th



Side A
Waiting On A Twist Of Fate
I Can't Wait
Time Won't Wait
Future Primitive

Side B
Not Quite Myself
Bad Mistake
Johnny Libertine
Radio Silence


Side C

Preparasi A Salire
Rise Up
Stranger In These Times
I Don't Need Anyone
Over The Edge

Side D

House Of Liars
You Wanted War
Paint It Black
It's All Me
How The End Begins

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